About ExtraFreshâ„¢

Designed and made in NZ especially for domestic fridges, ExtraFresh keeps fruit and vegetables fresher for longer, decreasing spoilage and ensuring that you enjoy the best possible eating experience.  


  • works by absorbing ethylene from your fridge.  Ethylene is the ripening hormone naturally produced by all fruit and vegetables which builds up in your fridge and speeds up the ripening process
  • are non-additive so they don't give off harmful gases (they absorb gases) and can be discarded with your regular rubbish
  • also absorbs bacteria, fungi spores and odours, offering an even healthier storage environment
  • packs are printed using vegetable based inks on recyclable non-permiable synthetic stock
  • are safe to use with organic produce
  • supports 5+A Day, a charitable trust promoting the health benefits of a diet rich in fruit and vegetables
  • lasts for 60 days in the fridge so they are very low cost

With innovation and the environment in mind, we redevloped our original imported ExtraFresh™ product so that it could be produced right here in New Zealand. We still utilize the powerful Bioconservacion Bi-On® granule, and the ExtraFresh™ brand name that has been trusted throughout the world for over 10 years, we've just made it local.

ExtraFresh and 5 Plus A Day
ExtraFresh, peel off sticker to activate